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7 Medical Tourism Trends To Watch In 2016

2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year for providers of medical travel (or is it medical tourism?).

Medical Travel Quality Alliance expects that these will be the trends and issues of 2016 for the medical tourism industry, and will affect nearly all segments of the industry in nearly all countries around the globe.

1. Medical tourism gives birth to a baby boom.

The demand by medical tourists for in vitro fertilization IVF, gender selection, commercial surrogacy, and birthing places keeps growing.

Chinese baby

After Thailand and India restricted commercial surrogacy, some surrogacy agencies moved operations to Cambodia and Nepal. In late 2015, Nepal and Mexico – which had allowed commercial surrogacy in the state of Tabasco – made surrogacy illegal.

But this doesn’t stop demand.

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7 Ways To Help Medical Tourists – Which Do You Offer?

help for medical touristsSooner or later, all medical travelers need help.

You won’t know when this help will be needed or what you will need to do.

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4 Steps To Creating A Favorable Experience For Medical Tourists

Great Patient ExperienceMedical tourists experience your hospital or business brand in numerous ways: treatment, doctor consultation, pricing, physical setting, website, marketing, sales personnel, and more. Each of these contacts or touchpoints molds the medical tourist’s impression of your brand. Read more…

Glove Use Guidelines

Guidelines for wearing glovesAre the doctors and nurses you work with in medical tourism following best practices in wearing gloves? Proper and routine glove use enhances patient safety and treatment quality. Keep your eyes open.

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