7 Medical Tourism Trends To Watch In 2016

2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year for providers of medical travel (or is it medical tourism?).

Medical Travel Quality Alliance expects that these will be the trends and issues of 2016 for the medical tourism industry, and will affect nearly all segments of the industry in nearly all countries around the globe.

1. Medical tourism gives birth to a baby boom.

The demand by medical tourists for in vitro fertilization IVF, gender selection, commercial surrogacy, and birthing places keeps growing.

Chinese baby

After Thailand and India restricted commercial surrogacy, some surrogacy agencies moved operations to Cambodia and Nepal. In late 2015, Nepal and Mexico – which had allowed commercial surrogacy in the state of Tabasco – made surrogacy illegal.

But this doesn’t stop demand.

Surrogacy tourism to Russia, Ukraine and Georgia Read more…

Is Cuba A Viable Medical Tourism Destination?

Cuba Health Care PosterAs Cuban medicine has been in the news recently, some wonder if Cuba has become any closer to being a viable medical travel destination.

Venezuelan President Chavez has been treated for cancer in Cuba several times in the past few years. Cuban scientists are engaged in late-stage clinical trials in Europe for Heberprot-P, considered a potentially revolutionary medicine for diabetic foot ulcers.

The current issue of the New England Medical Journal presents a review of medical care in Cuba and the strengths of the Cuban health care system.

Authors Drs. Campion and Morrissey write in the NEJM that Cuba’s health care system has many admirable qualities, especially in its focus on prevention, primary care and community monitoring. They say “despite its limited economic resources, its health care system has Read more…

Heads of state as medical tourists – what are the hot spots of medical tourism?

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela Medical Tourist No. 1We have become used to reading about government leaders heading abroad for major medical treatment. A president or prime minister is often a country’s Medical Tourist No. 1, heading off to top medical tourism centers in leading medical destinations.

Cost of medical treatment is seldom the main concern for these Read more…