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The new economics of medical tourism: why your business may not be making as much money now

Infographic medical tourism new world map

The cost savings that make many medical tourists travel for medical treatment are getting smaller.

How much does a medical tourist really pay these days? What is the true cost of a hip transplant for a medical traveler? ... Read article.

[infographic:] New World of Medical Tourism - Changing Value


Why medical travel facilitators get a bad name

If I were a patient whom you are soliciting for business, here is what I would likely learn about you on the internet.

You may be a very nice, well-meaning person operating a small travel agency or a small business. You may even ... Read article.


Hospital customer service doesn't guarantee satisfaction

As retailers are turning away from using the phrase “customer service”, hospitals and clinics especially in medical tourism are embracing this phrase wholeheartedly.

Medical providers define customer service according to their own needs. Mostly, as evidenced in hospitals I’ve worked with, “customer service” ... Read article


Is your hospital or medical tourism website "sticky?"

You depend on your hospital, doctor or medical tourism website to draw patients to your service. How well is it doing this?

People are looking for you. 8 out of 10 internet users seek health information online. Medical tourists, caregivers, doctors and nurses want to know more about your facility, your services, and your brand.

Will they find you? If and when they find you, will they stick with you? ... Read article.


IVF birth defects are significantly greater

A large study of in vitro fertilization births in American Society for Reproductive Medicine Fertility and Sterility shows birth defects are 37 per cent higher with IVF.

IVF providers and medical tourism companies in fertility tourism may better screen and inform medical tourists ... Read article.