These Businesses Have Chosen Medical Tourism Certification

What is your reason for getting certified in medical tourism?

Hospital in Korea

We, a JCIA hospital, have high motivation to do everything possible to make us one of the highest level international medical center in the world. A medical tourism certification will help us for this.

Hospital in United Arab Emirates

Our hospital is a leader in the private healthcare industry in the Middle East. With our vision of being the center of excellence for state of the art healthcare services, we build our practice on evidence based practices, human values and patient care. Medical tourism certification supports this.

Medical Travel Company in Australia

Our medical tourism company has been established for over 3 years, and has grown to become the region’s largest medical tourism facilitator. We are now looking to grow our brand internationally and believe certification by MTQUA will be beneficial.

Specialty Treatment Center in Thailand

Knowledge and doing things right from the start is essential.

Hospital in Turkey

We would like to certify the quality of service provided by us so that international patient can use our services without any fear of travelling into a different country.

Dental Clinic in Costa Rica

Certification will help me to improve the quality of service delivery offered to my patients in accordance with International Standards.

Medical Tourism Company in USA

I think we need to have certification for all medical tourism agencies. The industry is growing rapidly and the ‘cowboys’ need to be weeded out. We need everyone taking care of medical tourists to get certification like this.

Medical Clinic in Portugal

We are in a tourist community and have many traveling patients. This certification will keep us on the forefront of patient safety and high standards internationally.

Medical Tourism Company in UK

We see this being necessary and I’m very ready and willing to step up as a medical travel company that is certified in international standards for high quality.

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