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MTQUA logo Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA, pronounced “em-tee-kwah”) is an independent international organization that develops and promotes the highest standards of excellence in delivering treatment and care to medical travelers and health tourists.

It was announced in Budapest in 2009 at the 2nd European Congress on Health Tourism, in response to requests from hospital administrators and medical travel facilitators for a better understanding of special care protocols and management for medical travelers that would provide a safer environment, better outcomes and a higher rate of satisfaction.

Today, through its products and services, MTQUA works with and supports providers such as hospitals, clinics, special treatment centers, alternative treatment centers, and practicing physicians and support services such as care managers, medical tourism agencies, medical travel facilitators, referring agents, travel agents, recovery resorts, hotels, insurance companies, corporations, and others.

MTQUA informs and connects consumers who are seeking health and wellness services to health care and support service providers.

MTQUA adheres to guidelines for ethical practices and guards against conflicts of interest that may limit the realization of its mission.

Our Mission

Because medical travelers seek and obtain treatment and care away from their homes, they have unique and special needs that are different from those of ordinary patients.

Our mission is to develop and promote the highest standards of excellence in delivering treatment and care to medical travelers and health tourists, to help providers of health care, alternative health, and related support services meet those standards, and to ensure a safer, more ethical and responsible environment for all.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all medical travelers to be able to receive the best available treatment, care, and outcome anywhere in the world according to their medical and financial needs.

The best available treatment, care and outcome together create the best patient experience.

Our Core Values

MTQUA believes all medical travelers should be honored and respected for their diversity of social, cultural, religious, demographic, and geographic backgrounds.

Committed to the highest ethical, moral and professional standards, we will always strive to do what is right for medical travelers as international patients and provide industry leadership to this end.

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