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about-julieJulie W. Munro
President and Founder

Julie Munro is president and founder of the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA, www.mtqua.org), which she founded in 2009 in order to build an awareness in the public, the media and the health care sector of problems in medical tourism that she and her staff directly observed and experienced that often prevent patients from getting the best outcomes. Since the 1980s she herself has been an international patient, as have been her family members. She has worked at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and other Canadian hospitals in patient care.

She is one of the pioneers of medical tourism and has been an industry leader since founding her landmark medical tourism company, Cosmetic Surgery Travel, in 2003. She has been a medical travel care manager and facilitator for thousands of clients and has a keen, practical understanding of health care operations and opportunities around the globe.

Ms. Munro sits on the Advisory Board of Medical Tourism Development Program of Gulf Medical University, United Arab Emirates. She leads the MTQUA medical tourism curriculum development program for universities and educational institutes.

She publishes and writes for MTQUA’s Inside Medical Travel newsletter, and contributes to several health care and medical tourism print and online publications including the U.S. Healthcare Finance News, and the U.K. International Travel Insurance Journal (ITIJ) Medical Travel Review. She is author of Care And Management of Traveling International Patients, the most downloaded and influential paper in medical tourism.

She is a popular speaker, frequently addressing private health care groups as well as medical tourism and health care conferences in Asia, Europe and the U.S. on current issues in medical tourism.

about-carolineCaroline Bodanis
Services Director

Caroline Bodanis manages all client relationships and projects, and communications. She is an educator turned marketing professional with extensive online business experience and international direct marketing experience, as well as teaching, training and conference development.

She has been responsible for creating, developing and managing the websites of several health care providers in the U.S. and Asia, and manages the MTQUA website, our newsletter Inside Medical Travel and other publications. She is an expert in email marketing and has conducted direct mail marketing and email marketing campaigns for more than 25 years.

about-sandraSandra J. Millar
Director of Standards

Sandra J. Millar was instrumental in developing the MTQUA Medical Tourism Certification program and standards. She is an international health care specialist with more than 30 years experience in health care practice, international patient services, marketing, and tourism program development.

Mrs. Millar has held several senior health care management positions. She was COO of Aruna Health Care, a licensed hospital for addiction treatment in Phuket, Thailand. She founded the international patient department at Samitivej Hospital, one of Thailand’s top ranked hospitals. For eight years at the hospital, she was engaged in strategic planning, international marketing, policy and operational protocols, patient consultations, paralegal and insurance resolution, end-of-life family counseling and patient safety issues, and participated in JCI accreditation. She headed the international division at Phyathai II and Phyathai I hospitals in Bangkok.

In Canada, Mrs. Millar was Senior Disciplinary Judge and board member of the Ontario College of Nurses and ad hoc advisor to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons for seven years, making judgments on cases that included issues of patient harm, professional discipline and medical ethics. She has been senior advisor to national, provincial and municipal governments, and a partner in private consortia for the development of health care investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Viet Nam and Thailand.

about-janetJanet M. Geddes
Finance and Governance Senior Advisor

Janet Geddes is a senior consultant with extensive international experience in health care, banking, insurance, hotel/hospitality, and real estate in the U.K., Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Ms. Geddes’ work includes restructuring debt on health care facilities in Thailand, cosmetic surgery clinics and spa centers in Asia and Europe. She is an Accredited Mediator and has participated in dispute resolution in insurance and banking. She is a Certified Company Director and sits on the board of a private industrial company in India.

She has substantial international experience in the hotel/hospitality sector including at board level and covering all stages from construction through to opening and operations. She has extensive experience working with the leading international accounting firms and as director of an accounting and audit practice in Thailand.

about-donnaDr. Donna Robinson
Clinical Advisor

“Dr. Donna” owns and operates MedConsult Clinic in Bangkok. Since she founded it in 2004, it has become the most popular medical clinic in Thailand serving expatriates and travelers.

She has been a practicing physician in Thailand for more than 25 years working as a specialist in occupational and public health as well as general practitioner and family medicine specialist. She is licensed in both the U.K. and Thailand – one of a small handful of foreign doctors in Thailand licensed to practice in the country by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health. She has admission privileges at Bumrungrad International Hospital, considered by many to be the world’s most popular hospital for medical tourists.

She may be contacted through the clinic’s website.

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