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Medical Tourist Records Lack Privacy And Security

How should medical records and files of medical travelers be handled to prevent theft or misuse of client information?

How secure and private are your communications with your medical tourism clients?

How long should medical records and files of medical tourists be kept? As a general rule, it is customary to keep tax records and other official documents for 7 years. How long should we keep client files?

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Medical Travel Journey – One Shot At Getting It Right

A tourist books a holiday at a hotel advertising a seaside location and ocean view. Upon arrival, the tourist finds the sea is across a highway and down a cliff from the hotel. The ocean can only be viewed from a few rooms on the highest floor of the hotel.

Yes, it is technically by the sea but not as advertised in the brochure and on the web. The tourist complains and seeks compensation, as a discount, a free meal or extra nights. Read more…

8 Ideas To Improve The Medical Travel Patient Experience

Medical Travel Pain ChartMedical tourism provides an opportunity for hospitals and care managers to bring innovation to the patient experience and enhance customer service in health care.

When patients have health care choice, and make a personal decision to travel for medical care, they choose to put their medical treatment and care in your hands. Read more…

Building A Medical Tourism Business For Doctors And Facilitators

Passion of surgeryUnderstanding a customer’s wants is far more valuable than knowing his needs.

Marketing experts know people place more value on – and will pay a lot more money for – what they want while they spend as little as possible for what they need.

Doctors are no different. They will pay as little as Read more…