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TravelMEDI is a medical tourism company operating in Istanbul and facilitates treatment planning and care management for several local doctors and clinics.

TravelMEDI is the first center in Turkey certified by U.S. Medical Travel Quality Alliance MTQUA. It is a reliable, interactive and highly experienced medical tourism facilitator, that meets the needs of medical travelers extremely well.

TravelMEDI was founded by doctors and travel consultants.

TravelMEDI provides clients with a pre-prepared travel and treatment program.

Our services offer much more than just the treatment itself. Our services start when you arrive at the airport and continue even after your return to your home country. After a planned treatment, clients are followed up periodically.

TravelMEDI has exclusive clinic relationships, and has special agreements with JCI-accredited hospitals for surgical operations. TravelMEDI has branches and partners in many European countries. We have participated in many national and international conferences and touristic activities, inviting many partners and agencies to join it.

TravelMEDI is different…

  • TravelMEDI is located in Turkey which is the crossroads of Europe and Asia.
  • There are many choices of flights from Turkey to many countries.
  • Health services in Turkey are cheaper compared to many other countries, and nearly 60-65% less compared to many European countries.
  • TravelMEDI provide treatments by excellent specialist doctors who speak many foreign languages.
  • Before surgery, all of our clients have consultations with the treating doctor who will plan the surgery.
  • We prepare special program details for each client and we share pre- and post-surgery instructions with each patient.
  • TravelMEDI has multilingual patient assistants on hand 24/7 to help medical travelers during their stay in Turkey.

Cosmetic and aesthetic treatments

  • Hair transplantation
  • Plastic surgery
    • nose aesthetics
    • breast aesthetics
    • body aesthetics
    • facial aesthetics
    • ear aesthetics
    • genital aesthetics
  • Cosmetics
    • botox injection
    • dermal filler injection
    • chemical peeling
    • micro needle treatments
    • stem cell injections
    • laser treatments
    • enyzmatic peeling
    • dermaroller
    • dermapen
    • mesotherapy
    • PRP
  • Dental treatments
    • dental implant
    • whitening (bleaching)
    • zirconium
    • adhesive bonding
    • box technique
    • dental veneer
    • foul breath – halitosis
    • pedodontics
  • Eye-related treatments
    • femtolasik (i-lasik)
    • cataract
    • Lasik
    • PRK
    • multifocal-trifocal lenses
    • refractive surgery
    • presbyopia
    • corneal diseases

Head office:
Cumhuriyet Mah. Izzetpasa Sokak No: 3 Suer Ap. Daire:5
Sisli – Istanbul / Turkey
Phone: +90 212 230 66 69
Mobile: +90 546 446 99 26 (Whatsapp/Viber/Skype)
Email: info@travelmedi.com

General Manager / Founder
Mr. Serkan CELEN
Phone: +90 212 230 66 69
Email: serkan@travelmedi.com

Doctor / Co-Founder
Mrs. Oyku CELEN
Phone: +90 212 230 66 69
Email: oyku@travelmedi.com

Website: http://travelmedi.com/

Certified since October 2017


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