India | Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is a multi-specialty not-for-profit hospital in Coimbatore, in the heart of southern India.

It is a special place, different from other hospitals in India that provide treatment and care for medical travelers.

About Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, situated in the traditional textile capital of South India, has attained an iconic reputation since its founding in 1975. Situated on 18 acres in the heart of Coimbatore city, this hospital has become a part of India’s medical history and has played an integral part of the health care revolution of modern India.

New buildings, state-of-the-art technology bound by a half-century of outstanding medical traditions and professional ethics

Its new 250-bed super-specialty facility, opened in 2018, is next door to the older 750-bed edifice on a sprawling medical campus. Here, world-class physicians and surgeons treat patients from across the globe in luxuriously appointed surroundings.

With a high staff-patient ratio, individual attention is at its highest.

Throughout the day, top-flight consultants and expertly trained staff make their way between the two buildings to offer advanced treatments and procedures ranging from advanced neurosurgery to chemotherapy to stem cell transplantation to organ transplants and so on.

The most advanced treatments

With a host of ‘firsts’ to its credit over the years, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital consistently stands at the edge of medicine in the nation.

Equipped with space-age medical technology matching global standards, the new super-specialty block outshines many of the more celebrated chain hospitals of India’s top cities. Some say that this hospital sets a higher bar for these larger, better known corporate hospitals to meet.

Service to society and excellence in medical treatment over profit

Established and run by the SNR Sons Trust, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital treats thousands of patients each year. The most advanced oncological procedures to treatments for everyday ailments we bring relief to patients from all walks of life.

Driven by our founding motive of providing accessible health care to all of society, patients receive the very best of care at virtually nominal cost.

We are the exception to the rule – a private hospital using state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge surgical and medical techniques to deliver superior outcomes while driven by motives of empathy, service to society and excellence, and not by profit.

Service to international patients

Planning and preparation

  • Medical visa invitation and embassy liaison
  • Treatment Plan based on the given reports
  • Financial – Insurance Information & Counseling where necessary
  • Appointment scheduling on the day of your visit to hospital
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Airport Transfers from Coimatore International Airport and selected major international airports

During treatment

  • Dedicated patient Coordinator
  • 24/7 Translator Service
  • Private Duty Nurse arrangement (if necessary)
  • 24/7 Internet Access
  • International Kitchen for global cuisine
  • Concierge service to plan for stay beyond hospitalization

Assistance and follow up

  • Assistance with Medical Records
  • Assistance with prescriptions for medication
  • Follow-up with clinical and admin staff
  • Future appointment scheduling
  • Consolidated final billing for medical and related services

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital
No. 395, Sarojini Naidu Road, Sidhapudur
Tamil Nadu 641044

Hospital +91-422-4500 000
International patients +91-984-2285100


For international patients:

Certified since April 2018




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