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mtqua-certified-health-link-internationalHealth Link International is a medical tourism company that provides services for the State of Qatar and the GCC.

A high number of Qataris travel outside the country for medical treatment and wellness care. However, medical tourism as a business is not well recognized.

HLI facilitates a patient’s medical tourism trip through

  • suggesting the booking of healthcare facilities and surgeons,
  • securing travel and accommodation needs,
  • overseeing cultural and language differences,
  • looking for companion needs,
  • answering questions through the medical traveling facilitation process, and
  • post trip follow up.

HLI services also include inbound facilitations services for medical travelers interested in Qatar healthcare system. Qatar offers different kind of medical services such as sports medical treatments, cancer treatments, women and children treatments, and cardiovascular treatments.

HLI key staff who are solely from the healthcare team will work collaboratively under the State of Qatar government to support their practices in sending Qataris for abroad treatment.

Dr. Suzan Ahmad the Chief Executive officer is a nurse who holds postgraduate degrees in e-health will be following up each case and be sure all the health journey meets all the standards of quality and safety of provided healthcare.

HLI Executive Director for Medical Tourism is Dr. Sawsan Ayyoub, a pharmacist with huge experience in clinical pharmacy who oversees the patient journey and is the chief international care manager.

Both executives are responsible in selecting healthcare facilities that provide high standards and quality outcomes. With the teamwork of HLI key staff each patient is matched exactly with highly certified medical doctors and nursing care that solely meet their healthcare needs.

We prioritize our patient healthcare facilities through approved

  • quality,
  • price,
  • location,
  • reputation,
  • available facilities,
  • specialties,
  • safety,
  • distance from Qatar, and
  • the needs of companions.

HLI works continuously to assure that our patients experience a successful medical treatment and are highly satisfied in achieving their health goals in their treatment journey through our continuous improvement analyzing the post trip evaluation feedback.

HLI offers destinations of different kinds for procedures that includes wellness procedures as well as illness. Wellness procedures that HLI offers include

  • detox,
  • weight management,
  • hair transplant,
  • cosmetic surgeries,
  • smoking cessation, and
  • stress management.

Illness procedures include but not limited to

  • diabetic care,
  • oncology treatment,
  • orthopedics,
  • cardiac,
  • dentistry,
  • neurosurgery & rehabilitation,
  • women health,
  • ophthalmology, and
  • organ transplants.


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