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4 Steps To Creating A Favorable Experience For Medical Tourists

Great Patient ExperienceMedical tourists experience your hospital or business brand in numerous ways: treatment, doctor consultation, pricing, physical setting, website, marketing, sales personnel, and more. Each of these contacts or touchpoints molds the medical tourist’s impression of your brand. Read more…

Medical Tourism Safety – What Patients MUST Know About Surgery Abroad

Medical Tourism Behind The ScenesWould you let your travel agent choose your surgeon? Or how about a retired high school teacher?

It sounds absurd but plenty of people do.

In the world of medical tourism, too many critical decisions about the safety of hospitals, surgeons and the procedures themselves are made by people with Read more…

Should Medical Travel Bariatric Surgery Doctors Be Sanctioned?

Medical Tourism In Bariatric Surgery TableShould surgeons who do bariatric surgery on patients traveling considerable distances for care be sanctioned? asks Dr. Arlen Meyers.

Or should facilitators and surgeons do better screening of medical tourists and provide comprehensive care management? Read more…

Video: How To Plan Your Medical Tourism Trip

Plan Your Medical Tourism Trip by Julie MunroThis short video helps health care consumers who are starting to plan a medical travel journey.

This “how to” video discusses how to search the web for the best information and the value of working with a medical travel company or medical travel facilitator.

The Hippocratic Oath And Medical Tourism


Anyone working with patients at any level of the medical tourism process owes it to them to observe the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath, a historical document that defines ethical behavior for medical practitioners.

Dr Daniel Sokol, Medical ethicist at Imperial College London, wrote A Brief Guide To The Hippocratic Oath for BBC News. We excerpt it below. The full article is on line here.

Dr. Sokol writes that, in an age of technological developments, cosmetic surgery, complementary medicine, drug companies, and many other temptations for patients and doctors alike, the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath is as relevant as ever.

It is most appropriate that those of us treating and Read more…