Best Practices In Medical Tourism

A best practice is a method that has demonstrated to produce results better than those achieved by other means, and that is used as a benchmark against which to judge one’s own practices and to improve those practices.In medical tourism, as in health care, the results we want are excellent treatment, excellent care and ultimately excellent outcomes for the international traveling patient.

While best practices in medical tourism are still under development, these papers are prepared as a means to evolve benchmarks and best practices in medical tourism and to suggest ways in which outcomes can be best measured, let alone improved.

Best Practices in Medical Tourism #1

Care And Management Of Traveling International Patients

Understand the stages of care management
to achieve successful outcomes in medical tourism.

Care And Management Of Traveling International Patients is the most downloaded publication in medical tourism.

This 25-page report outlines the steps in the care and management of medical tourists that will yield excellent outcomes at your hospital, clinic or service. It provides guidelines and practical suggestions you can implement in developing your medical tourism program.

First presented in 2008, these stages of treatment and care management have become the basis of practice for most medical travel companies, hospitals and clinics. Author Julie Munro is a leader in the medical tourism industry as a successful facilitator and consultant to treatment and service providers, speaking out about quality and safety in the medical tourist experience. More information

Best Practices In Medical Tourism 1

Best Practices in Medical Tourism #2


Delivering Excellent Patient Experience By Managing Critical Touchpoints In Medical Tourism

Best practices in medical tourism - critical patient touchpoints

Improve the patient experience for medical travelers

This 25-page report provides you with practical guidelines and useful suggestions that show how to manage the critical interactions between patients and providers.

Authors Sandra Millar and Julie Munro are highly regarded medical tourism professionals with many years experience working with both international patients and medical travelers inside and outside the hospital setting. They review 11 major areas of concern to quality professionals, hospital managers and nursing directors. More information

Best Practices in Medical Tourism #3

What is Medical Tourism?

  • Can you be a top provider or service agency in medical tourism if you don’t have a clear understanding of what medical tourism is?

    In What is Medical Tourism? you will get clear and useful explanations of the words and phrases of “medical tourism.”

    You will learn how to better serve your patients or clients, grow your business, and become a better preferred source for medical tourists.

  • What is medical tourism?
  • Are medical travel and medical tourism the same?
    Is it health care or is it tourism?
    What is a medical traveler?
    What is global health care?
    What is health tourism?
    Cross-border health care?
    Wellness tourism?
    Has medical tourism lost its meaning?

Look for these new titles to be published later this year.

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Medical Tourism Glossary of Terms

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