Clinics are listed alphabetically by specialty

In some countries, hospitals may be called “clinics”, and will be found listed on the MTQUA hospitals pages. If you are looking for a particular provider, please check both locations.

The clinics listed on this page are NOT hospitals. They perform out-patient procedures and treatments and do not provide overnight stay on site. Some surgical clinics will have a relationship with a hotel or recovery facility where patients can be supervised for a few days immediately after surgery. Some clinics combine specialties, for instance plastic surgery and wellness.

Addiction treatment facilities are listed here. While technically not clinics because they admit clients overnight for up to 90 days or more, most are not hospitals either. Those that are registered as hospitals are also listed on the hospitals pages.

Often, nearly all of the services offered by these clinics are also available in hospitals.

Caution: Medical tourists should be aware that clinics are unregulated in most countries. In others, the degree of regulation varies, and is usually quite minimal. We advise you to check with your medical travel company about the quality and safety of a clinic where you are planning to receive treatment.

Clinics selected for listing here are known for their high quality outcomes and adherence to strict professional standards.

Alternative Treatment

The Pain Medical Center MEXICO – San Miguel de Allende


Asavanant Dental Clinic THAILAND – Bangkok


TRSC International Lasik Center THAILAND – Bangkok


Beverly Hills Medical Group PHILIPPINES – Manila


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