Germany health care and medical tourism services

Germany is considered by many the “Hospital of Europe”.

The country has more than twice as many hospitals per 1,000 citizens than the United States. German medical facilities also treat almost twice as many patients per capita than hospitals in the United States.

German hospital standards

The medical standards in German hospitals are some of the highest in the world. Modern treatments are available in Germany much earlier than in other countries. Medical education of surgeons and other medical professionals is excellent. Medical universities play a major role in international medical research.

Germany is one of the top leading industrial nations. The infrastructure is extremely well developed. Medical treatment is available in abundance to everyone.

Aftercare and rehabilitation

Hospitals in Germany don’t release patients the day after surgery unless specifically requested to do so.  Aftercare plays an important part in the recovery process. Physical therapy and rehabilitation centers in Germany form an integral part in the recovery process and are often appreciated in particular by American patients who may not be used to such extensive aftercare.

Germany is safe

The country is politically stable and the crime rates are relatively low compared to international statistics.

No travel diseases

Germany has no travel diseases; no special vaccinations are required when traveling to Germany.

Highest quality of medical service at competitive rates

Germany compares well in the international average when it comes to costs of treatment.
The quality/cost ratio is very favorable and significant savings can be possible.

No waiting lists

With well staffed and abundant medical facilities in Germany the result is generally no waiting list. This is very attractive for people who cannot receive treatment quickly or are not able or do not want to wait for their treatment.

Many languages

Many hospitals have international staff and it is hard to find a language that is not spoken.

Open-minded culture valuing integrity

Germany has become successful as an economic power by accepting international and cultural diversity, even more so with reunification of the two German nations in 1989. Today Germany is a multi-cultural nation with many immigrants strengthening its economy. Some of the core values of the German culture such as honesty, commitment, hard work and punctuality are appreciated around the world.

A leader in research and medical equipment

Germany is the home of many leading medical implants and pharmaceutical companies such as Siemens, Bayer, and Dräger. Hospitals benefit form this by having access to newest medical equipment quickly. In many cases, medical therapies are available long before the are approved in the USA. Once they are approved in the USA, German physicians already have years of experience and data on a new treatment.

Easy to reach

With international airports in most major cities, there are flights in and out of Germany on a daily basis to and from almost every country in the world. With Germany being in the heart of Europe, any European travel destination can be reached with short connecting flights. You are just 1-4 hours flights away from most points in Europe and the Middle East.

Moderate climate

Germany has four seasons. With snow in the winter and warm summer days, the climate is full of contrast, yet without real weather extremes. Patients who are especially intolerant to heat and humidity will enjoy the dry and warm summers in Germany.

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