South Africa medical tourism

The economy of South Africa is largest in the continent of Africa, and the 24th largest in the world. Because of this, South Africa is generally considered as the most social and economically developed country in Africa.

The standard of health care in South Africa is considered the best on the African continent. The country has a number of private and public hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. Hospital facilities especially in Johannesburg are recognized as offering world-class medical treatments.

Doctors, nurses and medical staff are trained at top medical schools in the country. Some of the specialists obtained their medical degrees and underwent training in western countries like the US and the UK.

Medicines in South Africa are relatively affordable and pharmacies are manned by well-trained and professional pharmacists.

There are no risks of yellow fever in South Africa, so if you have stopped in infected countries, you may be required to show a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Expatriates and travellers may consider taking anti-malaria tablets while in Africa, or use insect repellent generously.