Doctors are listed alphabetically by specialty.

Doctors listed here promote themselves, or are promoted by their hospitals, clinics or medical tourism companies, to medical travelers. Those who understand the specialized nature of the care that traveling international patients require are noted by our MTQUA quality score.

Doctors are listed by specialty. Those who are MTQUA members are linked to their referrers (hospitals, clinics or medical travel companies) as many do not want to take direct inquiries off the internet.

This list is not exhaustive. We recommend you check with your medical tourism company or international patient care manager for additional information.

Why do we list “general care” physicians? In many cases, a medical traveler will be treated primarily by a surgeon or specialist. Sometimes, a second opinion is needed, or an independent sounding board is a good idea. These general physicians can provide this supporting role.

Caution: We are unable to directly verify credentials, and we know of no international body that does this. We advise medical travelers to be skeptical about relying on information from international organizations that claim they certify doctors’ credentials.

The best source of verification is, of course, the medical association of the country. Individuals rarely have access to this information. The next best source is the hospital where the doctor works. Hospitals are required to verify the accuracy of every doctor’s professional qualification.

General care

  • Dr. Chartchai Rattanamahattana THAILAND


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