Insurance for medical tourists

Travel or trip insurance

Standard travel insurance for medical travelers will not help should one have a problem  or complication during or as a result of treatment.

Some standard travel insurance policies are automatically canceled if it is discovered that a policy holder took out the policy while intending to undergo any kind of in-patient or out-patient medical procedure.

Medical tourism complications insurance

Medical tourism complications insurance responds to the specific needs of the medical tourist, from flight delay, change of hotel stay, delay of surgery, wrong surgery, co-morbidity factors, poor results or other unexpected occurrences.

Medical Travel Quality Alliance urges medical travelers to consider taking out a medical travel complications policy in the event of the unexpected happening.  With the assistance of proper, experienced medical travel planning through a medical tourism company, the chance of an unexpected event occurring are considerably reduced.

Billing review and audit

Sometimes, an international patient needs third party help in reviewing hospital and health care costs. Medical Travel Quality Alliance works with several forensic health care auditors who know what the typical costs should be, based on procedure, hospital and country of service. There is no cost for a review of a bill. Auditor fees are a small percentage of the refund that results once an adjustment to the bill is made. Contact us for assistance.


Medical Travel Quality Alliance is happy to help resolve complaints and concerns of its members. Please contact us for help.