Saudi German Hospital Dubai is first in the Middle East to achieve medical tourism certification.


Saudi German Hospital Dubai is first in the Middle East to achieve medical tourism certification.

As Dubai sets its sights on becoming a major medical tourism hub, Saudi German Hospital Dubai affirms its leading role in the region by becoming the first to certify its care and services for medical tourists.

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Saudi German Hospital Dubai Medical Tourism Certified By  MTQUAMarch 4, 2014 – Dubai and Bangkok – Saudi German Hospital Dubai becomes the first hospital in the Middle East to achieve international medical tourism certification from the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA,

“After a satisfactory review of the hospital’s non-clinical operations and processes for care and services to international patients, we are pleased to certify Saudi German Hospital Dubai for quality in medical tourism,” announced Julie Munro, President of MTQUA.

Medical tourism certification is awarded to a hospital, clinic or medical tourism agency that meets the international standard of quality in 10 areas that directly affect a medical tourist’s wellbeing and good results.

“Our team is committed to continuous improvement of our services and procedures so that international patients can trust the care they receive here at Saudi German Hospital Dubai,” said Dr. Reem Osman, CEO of the hospital. “Thus, it is fitting that we are the first in Dubai to receive medical tourism certification from the Medical Travel Quality Alliance.”

A team of two evaluators from MTQUA reviewed the hospital. They examined how the hospital manages a medical tourist including the inquiry process, intake procedure, and care management after discharge. They studied the hospital’s website and internet marketing, communication procedures, privacy and security measures, multicultural sensitivity, International Patient Services department, and certain operations and business procedures that influence the quality of treatment and care a medical tourist receives.

As Dubai aims to become a medical tourism center, Saudi German Hospital Dubai is establishing itself as a leading hospital by providing the high quality of services and care that attract medical tourists.

“Medical tourists are not ordinary patients,” said Ms. Munro. “They need more attention, not only in matters of comfort but more important, in matters of care. They are looking for an international level of health care service. They want to know they can trust the hospital or the facilitator to deliver on what they promise in their marketing and communications. They are coming here to get better, not to be frustrated or frightened.”

Saudi German Hospital Dubai (SGHD, is a 315-bed tertiary care facility, with over 150 doctors in more than 25 specialties and subspecialties including 24-hour trauma services, a heart center for adult and pediatric patients, laparoscopic surgery center, dialysis lab, state-of-the-art ICU, NICU and PICU, and sleep lab.

Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA, is an independent international organization founded in 2009 to promote the special safety and quality concerns in the treatment and care of medical tourists. It annually selects the Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals For Medical Tourists™ and publishes Best Practices in Medical Tourism.

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