Electronic medical records for medical tourists

Medical tourists are urged to carry their own records from home to the medical destination to ensure that the correct medical information is at hand at all times. This includes critical personal contact information such as physician phone numbers, lists of medications, recent lab results, cholesterol readings, blood pressure readings as well as the immediately necessary procedure-specific testing and imaging results.

Carry your medical records in your wallet

There are several choices of credit card sized digital solutions for medical travelers to take medical records with them. Able to fit in a pocket, purse or wallet, these cards keep CAT scans, Echo Cardiograms, X-rays, prescriptions and much more in electronic format, able to be seen and used immediately without the need for internet connectivity.

Features of cards like these include

  • the ability to store enormous amounts of current and historical data from X-rays, CT scans, PET scans, ultrasounds, EKGs and pulmonary functioning tests, and more
  • the ability to link with multiple data sources, in-house or external
  • secure immediate record access without an internet hook-up
  • translating medical data into other languages with the click of a button
  • secure backup on cloud servers in case of card loss
  • encrypted database
  • ownership by patient, not doctor or hospital
  • easily updated, with no computer training needed