Best care and best value for medical procedure for medical tourist

How to get the best care and best value in medical tourism

Patients looking for medical care abroad need accurate up-to-date and reliable information. Medical tourists have a world of choice in health care and are taking advantage of this. But the information they have to base their choices on is often bewildering, confusing, and wrong.

Some patients now consider accreditation status and word of mouth recommendations before they make their choice of hospital, and that’s a definite improvement over relying only on the internet for information or choosing the lowest cost.

Issues such as patient safety and security, international patient operations and protocols, marketing integrity, transparency and facilitator review must be weighed heavily in any selection of hospital by the medical traveler.

To get the best value and care from going abroad for treatment to the top hospitals or other hospitals in known medical destinations, MTQUA recommends that medical tourists consider using a qualified medical travel facilitator or care manager who has professional trained staff on site to take care of any circumstances that may arise, medical or otherwise.

Getting and understanding the information about your care