For emergencies or privacy, protect patients by MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry service

Tell the embassy, in case of a medical tourism emergency

Medical travelers who have chosen to undergo in another country a major procedure in which they may be placed under general anesthesia should inform their embassy where they will be, should anything unplanned occur. With proper planning and preparation, such an unexpected occurrence is rare.


Even if the intention of having the treatment abroad is to protect one’s privacy, it is important that medical tourists not act foolishly. Those who may not want to inform their embassy of their medical plans may, as an alternative, register confidentially with the MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry.

Register with the MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry service

The MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry is a confidential service provided free to patients and their families and primary care doctors, to medical travel companies and to other medical tourism providers as assurance a patient’s medical treatment and care is proceeding as planned. Register now.

At your request, we will provide any of the following services:¬† physician review of the selected hospital, the selected doctor, the treatment plan and the care management plan, either in advance of travel or post treatment; expert review of hospital bill and/or medical tourism company bill and/or insurer’s payment notice; notification to embassy or other appropriate legal entity in certain circumstances.

Upon registration with the MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry, you will be given contact information for an MTQUA representative accessible at your location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Register now for MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry. Registration is free.

Emergency assistance

In case of a medical emergency that occurs to a medical tourist, we will assist all parties, working with providers, insurers, family, evacuation service and embassy personnel as needed to resolve the emergency. We can provide medical travel escorts if needed.

Note: please don’t call if you fall off a motorcycle after beach bar hopping and end up in a hospital emergency. But… if you have a poor medical outcome or complaint after planned medical treatment, we’re happy to help as we can.