Recovery hotels, recovery resorts, care managers and visiting nurses

Often, care must continue after the official discharge from the hospital or the surgeon’s care. The medical traveler is well advised to make sure that a professional care manager remains in charge during this particularly vulnerable time. It can make the difference between an excellent treatment outcome, and treatment that is compromised.

We distinguish between recovery hotels and recovery resorts. Some hotels now advertise themselves as recovery facilities when actually they do very little extra for the guest who is a medical traveler. Some will not charge for the hotel room for the one or two nights the patient is overnight in hospital. Some will offer a staff member to call on you once a day to check up on you.

Recovery resorts are much more than this. The best recovery resorts are certified by MTQUA to meet a certain standard that includes, among other features, wheelchair accessible rooms and bathrooms, nurse or trained care manager on staff or on call for the patient, transportation for doctor and hospital visits and physical rehab appointments, special diets, special beds if needed.

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