Customer service

The Other Dimension Of Customer Service

customer service“Our people are our greatest asset.”

Organizing your hospital around meaningful customer service is a two-stage process. It is more than creating a customer service department and staffing it with pleasant, smart people working in the hospital.

It is about providing the tools customer service staff need to get the job done. It is also about giving staff the support that helps them take the extra time and make the extra commitment that will make your customer service – or patient service – operation an excellent one. Read more…

Hospital Customer Service Does Not Guarantee Satisfaction

Customer ServiceAs retailers are turning away from using the phrase “customer service”, hospitals and clinics especially in medical tourism are embracing this phrase wholeheartedly.

Medical providers define customer service according to their own needs. Mostly, as evidenced in hospitals I’ve worked with, “customer service” Read more…

Game changing customer service for hospitals

customer serviceEver since hospitals have started realizing the importance of marketing in their scheme of things, the rules of the game for hospitals have changed.

Creating a favorable impression for the hospital is a very complex job and would test the mettle of any service industry veteran. Customer service has become a keystone to creating a favorable impression and, Read more…