Medical tourists and doctors are warned – again – about bad medical tourism.

time-magazine-appleThis summer, the warnings about bad medical tourism have been coming quickly, one after the other.

  • Consumers need to know the risks of medical tourism. [1]
  • Doctors need to be on the lookout for infections in patients undergoing surgery in foreign countries. [1]
  • The Dangers of Plastic Surgery Tourism [2]
  • When Tummy Tucks Go Bad [3]
  • The dangers faced by people who travel for medical tourism [4]

Business as usual, some may say. Nothing new here.

It is a tragedy for medical tourism. Read more…

Is There A Medical Tourism Blacklist?


Woman describes her surgery in Dominican Republic and subsequent treatment for antibiotic resistant infection.

To blacklist: to boycott, to avoid, to steer clear of.

When significant numbers of rehospitalizations and deaths among medical tourists occur in one location – as in the current case of the Dominican Republic – the harsh facts of risks that medical tourists face cannot be brushed aside.

Since there is no structured way to report or gather information about medical tourist outcomes, the most reliable Read more…