medical tourism industry

Medical tourists and doctors are warned – again – about bad medical tourism.

time-magazine-appleThis summer, the warnings about bad medical tourism have been coming quickly, one after the other.

  • Consumers need to know the risks of medical tourism. [1]
  • Doctors need to be on the lookout for infections in patients undergoing surgery in foreign countries. [1]
  • The Dangers of Plastic Surgery Tourism [2]
  • When Tummy Tucks Go Bad [3]
  • The dangers faced by people who travel for medical tourism [4]

Business as usual, some may say. Nothing new here.

It is a tragedy for medical tourism. Read more…

How Big is the Medical Tourism Industry? Part 1: How much?

welcome in many languagesWhat is the value of the medical tourism industry? How large will it grow?

It’s a question that simply won’t go away … mostly because there is no agreement as to what is the answer. Let’s review the economic value of the industry first. Read more…