what is medical tourism

How Big is the Medical Tourism Industry? Part 2: How many?

welcomeHow many medical tourists are there? How quickly will the numbers grow in the future?

The question that won’t go away … and there is no agreement as to the answer. Here, in part 2, we review how large the industry is in terms of numbers of people.

The number of medical tourists is the other important way in which the size of the medical tourism industry is reviewed. How many medical tourists are there? Read more…

What Is Medical Travel?

“Medical travel” is not the same as “medical tourism.”

“Medical travel” is a phrase long preferred over “medical tourism” by health care leaders, hospital managers and medical professionals.

Most have reluctantly accepted the term “medical tourism” but many continue to dislike it because they feel it trivializes the process of getting and giving treatment and care. It is not tourism, is the common message. Read more…