Top Specialty Hospitals and Medical Travel Services

Top Specialty Hospitals

Medical travelers don’t always need the services that a general hospital offers. Many need only a specialty hospital or clinic. Here are a few excellent specialty providers that meet many of our requirements. They are listed alphabetically.

Hospitals and clinics not listed here may be known for medical excellence but they lack the kind of support for traveling international patients that we believe is critical in obtaining good outcomes.

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Barbados Fertility Centre

This center is a popular medical tourism destination for fertility treatments for North Americans and Europeans.

Carolina Medical Center

Carolina specializes in sports medicine, in Warsaw, Poland.

Mayo Clinic

In Rochester, Minnesota, patients can tap into the Mayo roster of specialists when having executive health checkups.

Pacific Cancer Centre

Cutting-edge cancer treatment center in Singapore offers a variety of options for international patients.

Shouldice Hospital

Shouldice Hospital in Thornhill, Ontario continues to distinguish itself in hernia surgeries. It has been on the MTQUA Top 10 World’s Best list for three years, and continues to receive international awards for its record of achievement.

Wooridul Spine Hospital

This unique hospital in Seoul Korea is a world leader in medical treatment of the spine. It also appears on the MTQUA Top 10 World’s Best list.

Top Medical Tourism Services

Known variously as facilitators, medical travel companies, medical travel agencies or brokers, the best of these companies take responsibility for the full medical journey, from planning through on-site care management and after the return home.

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