Help choose the best website for medical tourists. Nominate your favorite here.

What website best communicates, informs or helps a medical tourist to go abroad for treatment?

Medical Travel Quality Contest

Is it a hospital website? Clinic? Doctor? Medical travel company? Medical tourism portal? Is it a whole site, a section of a site, a page? Is it a Facebook page? A Linkedin page? A social community?

We are not looking for the prettiest or fanciest, or the most connected or most social website or web page. We want to find what is most useful to someone who is planning a medical tourism trip.
Planning a medical tourism trip almost always either starts or ends on the internet, on websites like this one, on forums, or on specific provider sites. Patients browse the internet looking for information that will help them. They spend hours searching on Google, Bing and other search engines hoping to find what they need.

In your opinion, what websites best offer medical tourists the information they need? In making plans, international patients have questions about

  • treatment
  • quality
  • cost
  • convenience
  • support

What hospital website, clinic or doctor website, website of a medical travel company or other medical tourism service provider would you send a medical tourist to?

Why find the best website for medical tourists?

Most of the websites who offer information or help for medical tourists are not as helpful or as informative as they should be. By selecting those that stand out in what they offer to medical tourists, we hope other hospitals, clinics, doctors, medical travel companies and medical tourism support service providers will offer better information, help and support on their medical tourism website pages.
By nominating a website that you think is the most helpful and informative, you are helping make all medical tourism websites better.
Nominate a website you think is doing a great job educating and assisting medical tourists to find and get the good treatment or care they are looking for. We will post the most popular nominees on this site and select the top candidates for visitors to vote the best. The person who first nominates the best site will win a prize.

Submit your nomination here.

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