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Bhavana Phuket ThailandWhat do certain celebrity alcohol and drug addiction rehab centers have in common with the Bhavana addiction treatment center? Are they really that different? Or any better?

There’s a treatment center in Malibu, California known for treating celebrity addicts like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Its new owners apparently were not happy about its growing reputation as a high-dollar getaway for troubled celebrities instead of a serious drug and alcohol treatment center and they reportedly have set about to change this.

The changes the new owners are introducing tell us a great deal about the addiction treatment these celebrities may have received at this and other rehab centers.

Evidence-based treatment for alcohol and drugs

The changes the new owners of Promises treatment center are making, according to the Huffington Post, are meant to bring the rehab center closer to a treatment model that current evidence-based research shows can provide the best treatment outcome for drug or alcohol addicted individuals.

What are some of the changes being made to raise the standards of care in its treatment programs? Interestingly, they are principles and methodologies for addiction treatment and rehab that Bhavana already follows.

Better, licensed, professional staff

Promises’ new owners have upgraded the staff and contracted with more licensed professionals – just like Bhavana. Bhavana’s therapists and counselors are only licensed professionals who have had many years’ experience at leading U.S. rehab and mental health centers such as the world-renowned Hazelden drug and alcohol addiction treatment center and the Mayo Clinic.

Susan Blacksher, executive director of the California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources, says the Promises program is being made better by treating the whole person, not just one’s drug and alcohol issues.

“More and more, people of good programs are dealing with the entire person,” Blacksher says, “including an assessment of any underlying medical or psychiatric needs that could interfere with a person’s ability to stay with a commitment of a more sober lifestyle.”

Process addictions treatment

Promises now treats sex addiction and other compulsive disorders – just like Bhavana. Bhavana treats alcohol and drug addiction, sex addiction, gambling and other compulsive disorders.

Promises also now offers a newly comprehensive program along with its panoramic views of the ocean. Bhavana in Phuket, Thailand also offers a comprehensive addiction treatment program, with not only panoramic views of the ocean but the ocean itself.

More than a sea view

Bhavana is situated right on the sea. A walk on the seashore is just four steps from our dining deck. You can walk out onto the beach and feel the ocean waves lap at your feet. You can sit on the deck and watch the sand crabs scamper as the tide comes in and out.

Celebrities pay US$54,000 and more for a month’s stay; Bhavana costs about a third of this.

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