Lemen International Is First Chinese Agency With International Medical Tourism Certification

Medical Tourism SealLemen International in Shanghai, a leader in China medical tourism, has become the first to certify its care and services in medical tourism for elite Chinese medical travelers.

Lemen International is a leading global group of companies focusing on providing health management and personalized travel for a distinguished clientele around the world. The company’s Asian headquarters, Shanghai Lemen Health Management Co. Ltd. was recently awarded medical tourism certification by the Medical Travel Quality Alliance.

Medical tourism certified

“With certification, the company is taking the next step in our continuing pursuit of excellence for our clients,” says the chairman of Lemen International Shanghai, Ms. Peng Ling.

Best in International Health Care Management – Hurun Report

Shanghai Lemen Health Management serves a clientele of politicial leaders, business elites, and celebrities. In 2014, it was named the best in international healthcare management in the Hurun Report by a panel of leading Chinese entrepreneurs.

Having its roots in personal health management for European royalty, Shanghai Lemen Health Management is focused on providing personalized services to China’s high-end clients [Tweet “Shanghai Lemen Health caters to China’s high-end clients”]in anti-aging and disease detection, prevention, and treatment.

Private butlers

“Our corporate mission to improve the quality of life and health of our distinguished clients led us to creating special services such as a private butler for international care. In the coming decade, our clients can expect more unique services and features to help them live healthier and longer lives,” says Ms. Peng.

Its staff are largely foreign-educated, with fluency in at least three languages.

Focus on disease prevention and wellness

Shanghai Lemen Health Management provides direct access to leading medical facilities around the world, based on each client’s health care needs. The company is dedicated to shifting China’s paradigm of health investment, by putting more emphasis and resources into disease prevention rather than treatment.

Cooperating institutions include

  • Biological Anti Aging Center (Switzerland)
  • Genolier Swiss Medical Network (Switzerland)
  • ChungdamIa Medical Clinic (South Korea)
  • Cancer Center of Samsung Medical Center (South Korea)
  • International Center for Health (Cuba)
  • Stanford University Medical Center (USA)
  • Johns Hopkins University Medical Center (USA)
  • Heart & Vascular Institute of the Cleveland Clinic (US)
  • Harvard Medical School affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (USA)
  • Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (USA)

Speaking at a global anti-aging summit two years ago, Ms. Peng outlined her vision for Shanghai Lemen Health Management.

“Considering our clients’ needs, we provide professional, customized, and luxury service in every detail to make the tailor-made journey distinguished and free of worry. Through our regular, fixed-point, specially-assigned personal service system, we guarantee our high quality and integrated services to clients, especially in the later state of treatment,” she said.

In 2004, Lemen International set up its Asia headquarters in Shanghai. Within ten years, it has branched out to cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Changsha, and Chengdu. The group also owns Shanghai Lemen Health Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lemen Business International Travel Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Niling Biological Technology Co., Ltd, etc.

It is a member of the China International Health and Medical Tourism Association (CIHMTA), as well as the first China-based company certified in medical tourism by the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA), [Tweet “Lemen Health first China medical tourism certified agency”].

The Lemen International brand of traveling advocates exclusive itinerary without replication. With its strong international presence and operating capability, Lemen International is able to customize each tour to exceed clients’ highest expectations. Cooperating with more than 500 top service agencies around the world, including golf clubs, private islands, castles, vineyard operators, and music conservatories, Lemen International offers a wide range of themes covering rehabilitation, cruise, island life, fashion, adventure, sports, family, luxury, etc., all with the highest service standards.

Lemen International is dedicated to corporate social responsibility. Charity has become an important component of its corporate culture. Not only are the staff encouraged to volunteer or donate regularly, the group CEO Ms. Peng Ling also actively mobilizes social participation in various causes. In 2012, the establishment of the “the Light of Life with Lemen” special fund under the Shanghai Charity Foundation mobilized many business leaders and celebrities to help raise donations to help underprivileged children suffering from leukemia to receive the necessary hematopoietic stem cell transplant.

Lemen International devotes itself to enhancing the quality of life for its clients. This corporate philosophy has been upheld in its past decade of development in China, and will serve as Lemen’s steadfast mission for the next ten years.

Read the press release.

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