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Shanghai Lemen Intl Lemen Int’l is a leading global group of companies focusing on providing health management and personalized travel for distinguished clients around the world. From its early headquarters in Munich, Germany, Lemen Int’l now operates in countries including the United States, Switzerland, France, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, South Africa, Cuba, and South Korea.

In 2004, Lemen Int’l set up its Asia headquarters in Shanghai. Within ten years, it has branched out to cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Changsha, and Chengdu. The group also owns Shanghai Lemen Health Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lemen Business Int’l Travel Service Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Niling Biological Technology Co., Ltd, etc.

With its roots in personal health management for the European royalties, Shanghai Lemen Health Management Co., Ltd. is focused on providing personalized services to China’s high-end clients in the fields of anti-aging and disease detection, prevention, and treatment.

Shanghai Lemen Health Management Co., Ltd. provides direct access to leading medical facilities around the world, based on each client’s healthcare needs. It dedicates to shifting China’s paradigm of health investment, by putting more emphasis and resources into disease prevention rather than treatment.

Shanghai Lemen Business Int’l Travel Service Co., Ltd. is the only 4A class international travel agency with qualifications of exit & entry in the field of international medical travel in China.

Its staff are well-versed in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, and many other languages. By integrating global resources accumulated over decades of experience, Shanghai Lemen Business Int’l Travel Service Co., Ltd. boasts an efficient service chain in the field of themed travel.

As a world leader in themed travel, Shanghai Lemen Business Int’l Travel Service Co., Ltd. receives numerous visiting groups from Europe and United States.

Launch of the online travel platform elmtrip in 2013 heralds a new era of Lemen Int’l diversifying form into the O2O paradigm. Elmtrip allows participants to customize their healthy itinerary and realize their dream vacation.
Lemen Int’l is dedicated to its corporate social responsibilities.

Charity has become an important component of its corporate culture. Not only are the staff encouraged to volunteer or donate regularly, the group chairman Ms. Peng Ling also actively mobilizes social participation in various causes.

Lemen Int’l devotes itself to enhancing the living quality for its clients. This corporate philosophy has been upheld in its past decade of development in China, and will serve as Lemen’s steadfast mission for the next decade.

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Shanghai Lemen Business International Travel Service Co., Ltd.
Room 1905,Dongfang Road 800
Shanghai China


Certified since February 2014

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