Is There A Medical Tourism Blacklist?


Woman describes her surgery in Dominican Republic and subsequent treatment for antibiotic resistant infection.

To blacklist: to boycott, to avoid, to steer clear of.

When significant numbers of rehospitalizations and deaths among medical tourists occur in one location – as in the current case of the Dominican Republic – the harsh facts of risks that medical tourists face cannot be brushed aside.

Since there is no structured way to report or gather information about medical tourist outcomes, the most reliable Read more…

Controlling MERS And Other Infections

mersWhat is MERS?

MERS is in the family of coronaviruses.that includes the common cold.

The most severe coronavirus to date has been SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). SARS spread around the globe in 2003 and caused an epidemic that severely impacted economies as far apart as Hong Kong and Toronto. Read more…

MERS: Danger From The Invisible Medical Traveler

A different kind of medical tourist has the attention of the global health care community.

When crossing borders in small numbers, few take notice of it. But when the numbers increase to a critical mass, the world takes notice.

It is infection.

Today, the infection the world is paying serious attention to is the MERS virus, and watching its spread from Saudi Arabia into other countries in the Middle East and North Africa and beyond.

Countries whose hospitals have identified MERS in patients from the Middle East now include Turkey, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, UK, Malaysia and the Philippines. Canada is reported to be on “red alert” against the threat of MERS.[Tweet “MERS outbreak should have all of medical tourism alarmed.”]

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