Code of conduct for hospitals, clinics and medical travel companies

What is a code of conduct for medical tourists?

Medical travelers should always expect any organization that treats medical tourists, from hospitals to “recovery” hotels and medical travel companies, to have a code of conduct in place, on their websites and/or on site at their locations.

This code of conduct serves as the organization’s promise to the medical traveler that all staff follow established rules of conduct and service that are in the best interests of the medical traveler. In particular, a code of conduct usually addresses issues of importance to patients, namely ethical business practices, personal moral conduct, and the ground rules by which the organization functions.

Why is a code of conduct for medical tourists important?

A code of conduct offers a standard by which a medical tourist can measure companies and hospitals against each other, and against the important standards of medical tourism such as privacy, safety, security and honorable, ethical behavior by the company itself and its employees.

It tells you what you can expect from this hospital, clinic or company.

It’s a public statement by the provider of standards and policies they observe. If, for some reason, any of these standards or policies are found wanting, the company can be held accountable in the public arena.

MTQUA code of conduct

We operate with this code in all our business and patient care practices. You are welcome to use this as a model for your own Code of Conduct.

We are committed to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards and work with professionals who share this commitment.

We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity in our dealings with and on behalf of our clients. We are accountable for our conduct and for compliance with applicable laws.

We treat everyone with respect and dignity, and make no distinction based on medical condition, age, gender, disability, race, color, religion, national origin or place of residence.

We are committed to the ethical and compassionate treatment of clients and compliance with accepted policies and statements of patient rights.

We use confidential information only to carry out our work and do not share such information with others unless duly instructed by the client or required on behalf of the client. We place the interests of our clients above our own.

Read the Medical Traveler’s Bill of Rights.