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Rest assured of your safety and quality of treatment -and care

Medical Travel Quality Alliance offers this confidential service to medical tourists, their families and loved ones, and their home-based doctors as assurance a patient’s medical treatment and care is proceeding as planned.

Confidential support

The information you provide stays in our private, secure database, to be used only when those you have named ask for our assistance.

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When you register your intended plans as a medical traveler with the MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry, you are not alone on your medical travel journey. If your family, friends and loved ones have any concerns, if your communications with them are broken, if you have any sort of problem, we are there for you. A number to call, a person to speak with, 24 hours a day, seven days a week during your medical travel.

Additional registry services

At your request, we will also provide these and other patient services that you may need.

  • Professional review of the selected hospital
  • Professional review of the selected doctor
  • Professional review of your treatment plan
  • Professional review of your care management plan

These professional reviews will be done by specialty physicians or surgeons, registered nurses or care managers as appropriate in advance of travel. Similar reviews will be done post treatment as needed or requested.

  • Expert review of bills paid to hospital, medical tourism company and/or insurer
  • Notification to embassy or other appropriate legal entity in certain circumstances if required
  • Monitor your treatment progress at your destination to ensure your medical treatment and care is proceeding as planned
  • Advise your family or other contacts of your daily progress

Upon registration with the MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry, you will be given contact information for an MTQUA representative accessible at your medical destination 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Medical travel companies, insurers and other medical tourism providers may also register their international patients with the MTQUA Medical Tourist Patient Registry.

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There is no charge to register.
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