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7 Ways To Help Medical Tourists – Which Do You Offer?

help for medical touristsSooner or later, all medical travelers need help.

You won’t know when this help will be needed or what you will need to do.

A professional business woman on a medical vacation was suddenly and unexpectedly faced with one of the toughest decisions she would ever have to make. Read more…

Medical Travel Agency Business Models

Paying commission to medical tourist company(Part 1) Are medical tourism commission payments ethical?

At the Medical Travel Quality Alliance, we get many emails asking about business models for medical tourism agencies.

There are several business models for a medical tourism company or facilitator seen around the world, Read more…

8 Ideas To Improve The Medical Travel Patient Experience

Medical Travel Pain ChartMedical tourism provides an opportunity for hospitals and care managers to bring innovation to the patient experience and enhance customer service in health care.

When patients have health care choice, and make a personal decision to travel for medical care, they choose to put their medical treatment and care in your hands. Read more…

Hospital Customer Service Does Not Guarantee Satisfaction

Customer ServiceAs retailers are turning away from using the phrase “customer service”, hospitals and clinics especially in medical tourism are embracing this phrase wholeheartedly.

Medical providers define customer service according to their own needs. Mostly, as evidenced in hospitals I’ve worked with, “customer service” Read more…

Implementing A Customer Service Strategy In A Hospital

Customer serviceHospitals are learning how today’s patients are so different from those just 20 years, or even 10 years ago. With the internet and its boom in information sources, with medical tourism bringing Read more…