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Surgery And Treatment Risks Higher For Large Or Obese Medical Tourists

Medical tourism risk higher for obese Physically large or obese patients and bariatric surgery patients are at greater risk as medical tourists.

Receiving doctors or hospitals and medical tourism companies must be ready to address more than the usual needs of medical tourists, or be prepared to risk the success of their medical tourism business because patients are harmed. Read more…

Should Medical Travel Bariatric Surgery Doctors Be Sanctioned?

Medical Tourism In Bariatric Surgery TableShould surgeons who do bariatric surgery on patients traveling considerable distances for care be sanctioned? asks Dr. Arlen Meyers.

Or should facilitators and surgeons do better screening of medical tourists and provide comprehensive care management? Read more…

Longer UK Wait Lists Create More Medical Tourists

Longer Wait Lists More Medical TouristsMore medical tourists from the U.K. may be forced to go outside the country for cataract surgeries, weight loss surgery, and hip and knee operations.

Nearly all of U.K.’s health care regions have purposely made waiting lists longer by restricting the number of procedures they perform. Read more…