The World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists™

Hospitals from around the world are considered annually for the MTQUA Top 10 list of the World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists™.

The Top 10 list | Criteria for selection

The general environment for medical tourism

Asia continues to be the top medical destination in medical travel. Asian medical destinations continue to offer more and better medical procedures and care than most other medical destinations.

However, the competitive environment is changing. Europe and the Middle East are now making it easier for medical travelers especially the growing numbers from Africa to access well-priced treatment. The continuing entry of more and better hospitals around the world and the energy by some government tourism boards in promoting medical tourism are forcing both providers and patients to review what makes good value in medical tourism and where and how to best get it.

International hospitals and medical tourism

Not all top hospitals around the world are keen to take international patients who live in other countries. The investment in treatment and care that is required is often considerable so they carefully evaluate the extent of their participation in medical tourism.

American hospitals are generally not seen as open or caring of foreign patients or medical tourists as hospitals in Europe and elsewhere. Their priorities are directed at domestic patients. Some renowned exceptions that attract international traveling patients for specific medical needs include the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Why select the Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals?

MTQUA annually publishes the list of the top 10 World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists™. We choose to recognize hospitals around the world that best meet MTQUA criteria for quality in patient care management for international traveling patients.

This list of leading hospitals for medical tourism is issued by the Medical Travel Quality Alliance to help patients, hospitals, and medical travel companies better understand the important factors that create an outstanding medical experience for a medical tourist.

Criteria for selecting the Top 10

All 10 hospitals on the list of the World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists™ provide medical treatment and care for medical travelers that is of the highest quality and with advanced technology. All have outstanding local and regional reputations.

Many of these top 10 hospitals have international accreditation from any of several accreditation agencies. Others may not have international accreditation but have stellar international reputations and other qualifications for medical quality and patient safety.

In selecting the hospitals for this list, MTQUA considers more than high quality medical treatment. Quality of treatment and care for medical travelers goes beyond accreditation, high tech equipment and luxurious settings. Our criteria for selection includes communication, transparency, privacy, security, marketing, ethics and leadership.

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