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Do Cultural Values Affect Quality Of International Hospital Accreditation?

Cultural issues in international hospital accreditationHospital systems and services around the world are broadly similar and therefore the application of quality standards, whether QHA Trent or another, must be consistent to have international credibility.

Wherever one goes in the world, a country’s culture may be different from another, but patients in both countries have broadly the same illnesses, expectations, and fears. The distribution of illnesses may be a little different from country to country but the application of healthcare quality standards should have the same core principles. Read more…

6 Ways To Get Terrific Testimonials From Medical Tourists

Medical tourist testimonialsDo you want great testimonials from medical tourists? Do you want stronger patient loyalty in internet chat rooms?

Here are 6 ways to improve a medical tourist’s satisfaction with your services and get you the testimonials that will set your brand apart from your competition.

A positive testimonial from former patients on your website or as part of your welcome package means more to new patients than probably anything you can say about your business or practice. Read more…

Future Of Bariatric Surgery Medical Travel Is Strong

Weight Loss Medical TourismThe demand for bariatric surgery by medical travelers will continue to grow in coming years despite greater coverage of the cost of weight loss surgery at home by many government and private insurance health programs around the world.

Weight loss surgery has become a staple procedure in medical travel as medical tourists take advantage of competitive international pricing. Read more…

Longer UK Wait Lists Create More Medical Tourists

Longer Wait Lists More Medical TouristsMore medical tourists from the U.K. may be forced to go outside the country for cataract surgeries, weight loss surgery, and hip and knee operations.

Nearly all of U.K.’s health care regions have purposely made waiting lists longer by restricting the number of procedures they perform. Read more…

What Is Medical Travel?

“Medical travel” is not the same as “medical tourism.”

“Medical travel” is a phrase long preferred over “medical tourism” by health care leaders, hospital managers and medical professionals.

Most have reluctantly accepted the term “medical tourism” but many continue to dislike it because they feel it trivializes the process of getting and giving treatment and care. It is not tourism, is the common message. Read more…