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MTQUA certifies TravelMEDI as the first medical tourism facilitator in Istanbul with international quality standards


TravelMedi is Turkey’s first medical travel company to get international medical tourism certification from US-based Medical Travel Quality Alliance.

Istanbul company TravelMedi, with patients from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and other countries, becomes the first medical tourism facilitator to offer the MTQUA international standard of care and service quality for medical treatment in Turkey.

October 31, 2017 – Istanbul and Scottsdale, Ariz. – TravelMedi today becomes the first medical tourism facilitator in Turkey to pass strict international quality standards and achieve Medical Tourism Certification from Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA).

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“Being the first internationally certified medical tourism provider in Turkey is very important. We are taking the lead in gaining the trust of patients and sticking to a very high standard of services,” says Mr. Serkan Celen, General Manager and company co-founder.

Mr. Celen, whose background includes tourism and 10 years with an Italian pharmaceutical company, believes that certification is proof that TravelMedi meets a very high standard of care management of international patients, and this builds trust in patients, and makes them feel safe and comfortable.

“The certification process is very significant,” says Dr. Oyku Celen, the company’s medical advisor. “It reinforces the quality of our medical procedures because it shows us what needs to be done to protect patients’ legal and health care rights. It goes deep into the details of how to give patients the best quality and care, and how to make the best travel and service preparations.”

TravelMedi underwent a months-long evaluation that included a formal review of its operations, processes and procedures against international standards of quality in 10 non-clinical areas that directly influence a medical traveler’s wellbeing and outcomes.

“Medical tourists are not ordinary patients, and they are not typical tourists,” said Julie Munro, MTQUA president. “When they are in a strange land, away from family and community, they want to know that the hospitals and doctors they choose will give them an international level of care and support, and most important, good results,” said Julie Munro, president of MTQUA, in awarding medical tourism certification to the company.

The MTQUA evaluation team considers how the company manages a medical tourist through the inquiry process, intake and treatment planning, and care management after discharge. It reviews the company’s website and internet marketing, communications procedures, privacy and security measures, multicultural sensitivity, and care support services and business practices that influence the quality of treatment and care a medical tourist receives. Hospitals, clinics and agencies in more than 20 countries are certified by MTQUA.

TravelMedi ( is a medical travel facilitator and support services company in Istanbul, Turkey that serves patients from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and other countries. It strives for 100 per cent satisfaction by providing top specialist doctors in Turkey at a reasonable cost.

Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA,, an independent international organization founded in 2009 to promote the special safety and quality needs in treatment and care of medical tourists, publishes the Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals For Medical Tourists™ and Best Practices in Medical Tourism. Medical tourism certification from MTQUA is the only global certification program for hospitals, clinics, agencies, and related services and providers.

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Medical tourism rewards those who choose to travel by providing excellent medical treatment and care at a price they can afford.

But with the rewards come more and greater risks of getting the desired results.

Medical tourism is more than finding a good hospital that offers extras like hotel bookings, transportation services and special foods.

Medical tourists have come to expect these extras, and many treatment centers are more than happy to provide these extra comforts.

Just as traveling for medical treatment to a foreign land cannot be treated like a vacation, neither can it be treated like a visit to your local hospital or clinic.

Medical travel creates risks for patients that are different from those had they been treated at home.

This is not a reason to stay home. This is a reason for those who treat and those who are treated to become smarter and better about understanding the problems, lowering the risks and getting better outcomes.


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