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infographic Commercial surrogacy tourism

How much do you pay for a surrogate mother in another country?

The 4-part post, Commercial Surrogacy Tourism, begins here.

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Commercial Surrogacy Tourism

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infographic Medical tourism changing world of value

Changing values in medical tourism MTQUA

Clinics are listed alphabetically by specialty

In some countries, hospitals may be called “clinics”, and will be found listed on the MTQUA hospitals pages. If you are looking for a particular provider, please check both locations.

The clinics listed on this page are NOT hospitals. They perform out-patient procedures and treatments and do not provide overnight stay on site. Some surgical clinics will have a relationship with a hotel or recovery facility where patients can be supervised for a few days immediately after surgery. Some clinics combine specialties, for instance plastic surgery and wellness.

Addiction treatment facilities are listed here. While technically not clinics because they admit clients overnight for up to 90 days or more, most are not hospitals either. Those that are registered as hospitals are also listed on the hospitals pages.

Often, nearly all of the services offered by these clinics are also available in hospitals.

Caution: Medical tourists should be aware that clinics are unregulated in most countries. In others, the degree of regulation varies, and is usually quite minimal. We advise you to check with your medical travel company about the quality and safety of a clinic where you are planning to receive treatment.

Clinics selected for listing here are known for their high quality outcomes and adherence to strict professional standards.

Alternative Treatment

The Pain Medical Center MEXICO – San Miguel de Allende


Asavanant Dental Clinic THAILAND – Bangkok


TRSC International Lasik Center THAILAND – Bangkok


Beverly Hills Medical Group PHILIPPINES – Manila


We welcome your suggestion for additions to this list. Please tell us why you are making the suggestion, refraining from using marketing language, or repeating what is already written on the clinic’s website. Thank you.

Protect medical tourists with MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry service

Tell the embassy, in case of a medical tourism emergency

Medical travelers who have chosen to undergo in another country a major procedure in which they may be placed under general anesthesia should inform their embassy where they will be, should anything unplanned occur. With proper planning and preparation, such an unexpected occurrence is rare.


Even if the intention of having the treatment abroad is to protect one’s privacy, it is important that medical tourists not act foolishly. Those who may not want to inform their embassy of their medical plans may, as an alternative, register confidentially with the MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry.

Register with the MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry service

The MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry is a confidential service provided free to patients and their families and primary care doctors, to medical travel companies and to other medical tourism providers as assurance a patient’s medical treatment and care is proceeding as planned. Register now.

At your request, we will provide any of the following services:  physician review of the selected hospital, the selected doctor, the treatment plan and the care management plan, either in advance of travel or post treatment; expert review of hospital bill and/or medical tourism company bill and/or insurer’s payment notice; notification to embassy or other appropriate legal entity in certain circumstances.

Upon registration with the MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry, you will be given contact information for an MTQUA representative accessible at your location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Register now for MTQUA Medical Travel Patient Registry. Registration is free.

Emergency assistance

In case of a medical emergency that occurs to a medical tourist, we will assist all parties, working with providers, insurers, family, evacuation service and embassy personnel as needed to resolve the emergency. We can provide medical travel escorts if needed.

Note: please don’t call if you fall off a motorcycle after beach bar hopping and end up in a hospital emergency. But… if you have a poor medical outcome or complaint after planned medical treatment, we’re happy to help as we can.

Costs of medical tourism packages

Comparing costs among countries, and even within the same country, can be like trying to swim through a pool of Red Sea mud – you get nowhere. Popular medical tourism surgery packages can often be misleading and not provide the direct comparisons that are necessary.

True value of medical treatment costs abroad

New economics of medical tourism world map of changing valueIn popular medical destinations like Thailand and India, the value of medical treatment is changing to reflect domestic and global economic and political pressures.

As competition in medical tourism from lesser known medical destinations and medical providers increases, there is a new economics of medical tourism.

Today’s medical tourists need to know, first, how much savings they can expect in a medical tourism package compared to having medical treatment at home, and second, what will they pay for the package in different medical destinations. See the full-size infographic.

Surgeon’s fees

The greater portion of a medical tourism package cost is usually the surgeon’s fee. This depends on the surgeon chosen, and the extent and complexity of the procedure. It also depends on the medical discipline. Plastic surgeons and heart surgeons, not only in New York or Toronto, but also in in Singapore, Seoul or Sao Paolo, like to drive Mercedes and Porsches.

Comparing costs

The knowledgeable medical traveler is the wise medical traveler. Just as we want you to seek as much information about your procedures as you can, we encourage you to compare costs.

Beware of comparing apples to oranges when comparing costs of surgery packages.

Often, lists published by professional associations reflect only surgeon’s fees and do not cover the additional costs for anesthesiologist, operating room, hospital stay, and post-surgery recovery facility.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery may be the most misundertood and abused cost. A medical traveler’s best comparison for a procedure is to visit a plastic surgeon at home for a consultation. The cost estimate produced at the visit should be used to get similar costs for comparable procedures.

More than costs

If you are considering a medical vacation in a foreign country and making your decision based primarily on cost, be sure to consider and review carefully the level of medical service you will be receiving and the ability of your medical provider to respond to any and all emergencies both during surgery and after your treatment.