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Medical Tourism Certification

Certification SealMTQUA offers the only cross-services medical tourism certification for hospitals, clinics, agencies, specialty treatment centers, resorts, etc., including training and workshops to support and enhance certification standards and protocols.

MTQUA Medical travel and health tourism curriculum is featured as core learning modules at selected universities and colleges around the world.

MTQUA provides the medical tourism industry’s only enterprise-wide Medical Tourism Certification program for hospitals, clinics, specialty treatment centers, agencies, recovery resorts and all other providers of related health and support services.

Using evidence-based standards, MTQUA evaluates a provider’s processes, practices and protocols in areas of communication, operations, multicultural customs, marketing, internet use, privacy, customer service, leadership and other aspects of care management that affect the good results a patient or medical traveler gets from seeking treatment away from home.

Health care and service providers that meet or exceed our standards receive medical tourism certification.

Learn more about medical travel certification.

World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists™

world best hospitalsMTQUA annually publishes a list of best hospitals for medical travelers, based on quality medical treatment, patient care and medical travel best practice.

Read about the Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists™

Medical Travel Advisory

Medical Travel AdvisoryMTQUA monitors quality and safety conditions for medical tourists and issues warnings and watch lists as needed to alert medical tourists to potentially higher risks in certain situations.

Learn more about current medical travel warnings and watch lists.

Best Practices in Medical Tourism

best-practice-logoBest practices demonstrate how to produce results better than those achieved by other means, and are used as a benchmark against which to judge one’s own practices and to improve those practices.

Download Best Practices in Medical Tourism publications.

Inside Medical Travel Newsletter

Inside Medical Travel blogRead the MTQUA blog and subscribe to the MTQUA newsletter for useful tools, information and insights to help you grow your medical tourism business.

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Medical Traveler Patient Registry

PATIENT REGISTRY FINAL 5Medical tourists may use the MTQUA network to monitor their medical travel plans and patient journey from start to finish.

Learn more about the Medical Traveler Patient Registry.

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infographic Commercial surrogacy tourism

How much do you pay for a surrogate mother in another country?

The 4-part post, Commercial Surrogacy Tourism, begins here.

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Commercial Surrogacy Tourism

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infographic Medical tourism changing world of value

Changing values in medical tourism MTQUA


What website best communicates, informs or helps a medical tourist to go abroad for treatment?

Medical Travel Quality Contest

Is it a hospital website? Clinic? Doctor? Medical travel company? Medical tourism portal? Is it a whole site, a section of a site, a page? Is it a Facebook page? A Linkedin page? A social community?

We are not looking for the prettiest or fanciest, or the most connected or most social website or web page. We want to find what is most useful to someone who is planning a medical tourism trip.
Planning a medical tourism trip almost always either starts or ends on the internet, on websites like this one, on forums, or on specific provider sites. Patients browse the internet looking for information that will help them. They spend hours searching on Google, Bing and other search engines hoping to find what they need.

In your opinion, what websites best offer medical tourists the information they need? In making plans, international patients have questions about

  • treatment
  • quality
  • cost
  • convenience
  • support

What hospital website, clinic or doctor website, website of a medical travel company or other medical tourism service provider would you send a medical tourist to?

Why find the best website for medical tourists?

Most of the websites who offer information or help for medical tourists are not as helpful or as informative as they should be. By selecting those that stand out in what they offer to medical tourists, we hope other hospitals, clinics, doctors, medical travel companies and medical tourism support service providers will offer better information, help and support on their medical tourism website pages.
By nominating a website that you think is the most helpful and informative, you are helping make all medical tourism websites better.
Nominate a website you think is doing a great job educating and assisting medical tourists to find and get the good treatment or care they are looking for. We will post the most popular nominees on this site and select the top candidates for visitors to vote the best. The person who first nominates the best site will win a prize.

Submit your nomination here.

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Code of conduct

What is a code of conduct for medical tourists?

Medical travelers should always expect any organization that treats medical tourists, from hospitals to “recovery” hotels and medical travel companies, to have a code of conduct in place, on their websites and/or on site at their locations.

This code of conduct serves as the organization’s promise to the medical traveler that all staff follow established rules of conduct and service that are in the best interests of the medical traveler. In particular, a code of conduct usually addresses issues of importance to patients, namely ethical business practices, personal moral conduct, and the ground rules by which the organization functions.

Why is a code of conduct for medical tourists important?

A code of conduct offers a standard by which a medical tourist can measure companies and hospitals against each other, and against the important standards of medical tourism such as privacy, safety, security and honorable, ethical behavior by the company itself and its employees.

It tells you what you can expect from this hospital, clinic or company.

It’s a public statement by the provider of standards and policies they observe. If, for some reason, any of these standards or policies are found wanting, the company can be held accountable in the public arena.

MTQUA code of conduct

We operate with this code in all our business and patient care practices. You are welcome to use this as a model for your own Code of Conduct.

We are committed to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards and work with professionals who share this commitment.

We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity in our dealings with and on behalf of our clients. We are accountable for our conduct and for compliance with applicable laws.

We treat everyone with respect and dignity, and make no distinction based on medical condition, age, gender, disability, race, color, religion, national origin or place of residence.

We are committed to the ethical and compassionate treatment of clients and compliance with accepted policies and statements of patient rights.

We use confidential information only to carry out our work and do not share such information with others unless duly instructed by the client or required on behalf of the client. We place the interests of our clients above our own.

Read the Medical Traveler’s Bill of Rights.