Medical travel certification

Health Link International: Qatar’s first MTQUA certified medical tourism company


Health Link International: Qatar’s first medical tourism company to get international certification from US-based Medical Travel Quality Alliance.

Two Doha doctors offer Qataris a high quality, international level of service and support to help them plan and conduct their medical travel journeys.

January 9, 2017 – Doha and Scottsdale, Ariz. – Health Link International has become the first medical tourism facilitator in the Middle East to qualify for Medical Tourism Certification from Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA).

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January 9, 2017 – Doha and Scottsdale, Ariz. – Health Link International has become the first medical tourism facilitator in the Middle East to qualify for Medical Tourism Certification from Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA).

Dr. Sawsan Ayyoub and Dr. Suzan Ahmad are determined to bring higher quality of care, services and support for Qataris who are traveling to other countries for medical treatment or health services.

“Certification helps open the door for Qataris to more of the top doctors and hospitals around the world,” said Dr. Ayyoub, “This gives us the confidence to know we are providing quality services to our clients and partners and will open doors for further business in the State of Qatar.”

“Going through the certification process gave us the opportunity to validate and legalize our services
for our prospective clients as well as with our healthcare organization partners. We are very excited to finish the process and get certified,” added Dr. Ahmad.

Health Link International underwent a months-long evaluation that included in-depth interviews and a formal review of its operations, processes and procedures against international standards of quality in 10 non-clinical areas that directly influence a medical traveler’s wellbeing and outcomes.

“Medical tourists are not ordinary patients, and they are not typical tourists,” said Julie Munro, MTQUA president. “When they are in a strange land, away from family and community, they want to know that the hospitals and doctors they choose will give them an international level of care and support, and most important, good results,” said Julie Munro, president of MTQUA, in awarding medical tourism certification to the company.

The MTQUA evaluation team considered how the company manages a medical tourist through the inquiry process, intake and treatment planning, and care management after discharge. It reviewed the company’s website and internet marketing, communications procedures, privacy and security measures, multicultural sensitivity, and care support services and business practices that influence the quality of treatment and care a medical tourist receives. Hospitals, clinics and agencies in more than 20 countries are certified by MTQUA.

More information about Health Link International.

Health Link International ( is a medical travel facilitator and support services company in Doha, Qatar that assists Qataris in planning and conducting a medical trip abroad that results in the best outcomes possible for them.

Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA,, an independent international organization founded in 2009 to promote the special safety and quality needs in treatment and care of medical tourists, publishes the Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals For Medical Tourists™ and Best Practices in Medical Tourism. Medical tourism certification from MTQUA is the only global certification program for hospitals, clinics, agencies, and related services and providers.

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These Businesses Have Chosen Medical Tourism Certification

What is your reason for getting certified in medical tourism?

Hospital in Korea

We, a JCIA hospital, have high motivation to do everything possible to make us one of the highest level international medical center in the world. A medical tourism certification will help us for this.

Hospital in United Arab Emirates

Our hospital is a leader in the private healthcare industry in the Middle East. With our vision of being the center of excellence for state of the art healthcare services, we build our practice on evidence based practices, human values and patient care. Medical tourism certification supports this.

Medical Travel Company in Australia

Our medical tourism company has been established for over 3 years, and has grown to become the region’s largest medical tourism facilitator. We are now looking to grow our brand internationally and believe certification by MTQUA will be beneficial.

Specialty Treatment Center in Thailand

Knowledge and doing things right from the start is essential.

Hospital in Turkey

We would like to certify the quality of service provided by us so that international patient can use our services without any fear of travelling into a different country.

Dental Clinic in Costa Rica

Certification will help me to improve the quality of service delivery offered to my patients in accordance with International Standards.

Medical Tourism Company in USA

I think we need to have certification for all medical tourism agencies. The industry is growing rapidly and the ‘cowboys’ need to be weeded out. We need everyone taking care of medical tourists to get certification like this.

Medical Clinic in Portugal

We are in a tourist community and have many traveling patients. This certification will keep us on the forefront of patient safety and high standards internationally.

Medical Tourism Company in UK

We see this being necessary and I’m very ready and willing to step up as a medical travel company that is certified in international standards for high quality.

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Medical Tourism Certification

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Benefits of Medical Tourism Certification

What does certification bring to your medical tourism program?

CERTIFICATION-SEALThis mark of quality in medical tourism is your declaration that your facility or service meets established criteria for the safety and excellence of an international patient’s medical journey.

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  • You show you are committed to achieving excellence and the best quality for medical tourists.

    Medical tourism certification by MTQUA demonstrates your dedication to “quality first” and your commitment to producing the best outcome possible for your patients and clients for which the MTQUA brand is recognized around the world.

  • You have independent third party verification of the quality of your medical tourism program.

    Medical tourism certification by MTQUA is a worldwide declaration of independent third party endorsement for your practice or services in medical tourism. MTQUA is not tied to any special interests of health insurers, attorneys or health care management systems.

  • You meet international standards based on actual experiences of medical tourists and providers.

    MTQUA certification standards were four years in the making. The standards committee is led by practitioners with more than thirty years combined practical patient and provider experience: a medical travel facilitator of a leading medical tourism company, a director of hospital international patient departments, and a disciplinary judge with power to take away physicians’ right to practice. As expatriates, committee members and their families have had many episodes of medical treatment and care as medical tourists and international patients.

  • You are trusted by medical tourists and those who refer them.

    Patient-doctor relationships, medical tourist and provider relationships are built on trust. This trust is earned when you follow meaningful international care and service protocols that lead to better treatment, better care, and better outcomes.

  • You are a preferred medical or service provider.

    MTQUA certification places your hospital, clinic, practice or service on the “preferred” list of those seeking care or referring patients for care such as international insurance and assistance companies.

  • You are part of a worldwide network of quality providers and services in medical tourism.

    Certification is offered to all providers and services that have a medical tourism program. This includes hospitals, clinics and medical tourism companies. It also includes hotels, travel agents, medical travel insurance providers and others with a like-minded approach to delivering quality in services and care to medical tourists. This network of trusted partners extends the quality of your program and services.

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What is medical tourism certification from MTQUA?

How to get certified.
Download the Guide to Medical Tourism Certification.

Medical Tourism Certification from MTQUA


Medical tourism certification is independent third party recognition that the non-medical services of your hospital, clinic or business meet the international standard of excellence for care and services to international patients and medical tourists.

  • Trusted

    By certifying the non-clinical operations, processes and protocols of your hospital, clinic or service, you are declaring to patients around the world that they can trust you to provide the high quality services and care management that promote good results.

  • Preferred

    Insurance providers, assistance companies and referring physicians seek out medical tourism certified businesses to be their “preferred” providers, knowing they can expect their patients and clients to receive a specific high level of care management and services.

  • Patient-centered

    MTQUA certification is not a certification of medical quality. It is patient-centered and guided by principles aimed at ensuring a good outcome for each medical tourist. It complements an organization’s medical practices and enhances its ability to provide consistent, world class medical treatment and care management.

  • International Standard

    Consumers and referrers anywhere in the world can easily identify and compare service providers worldwide that have been approved for their quality of treatment and care services against a rigorous international standard.

  • Best Practice

    Certification helps identify the strengths and improve the weaknesses in your operations. Throughout the evaluation process, you receive practical suggestions and useful tools that will enrich the overall patient experience and benchmark your business processes against other medical tourism service providers around the world.

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Who is eligible to be certified?

All entities that offer direct-to-consumer medical tourism-related services or support are eligible for certification.

  • hospitals
  • clinics
  • treatment centers
  • medical tourism companies and facilitators
  • medical tourism brokers and agents
  • care management companies
  • physician practices
  • alternative health care providers
  • hotels and resorts with recovery services
  • travel agencies
  • emergency services
  • air and ground transportation companies

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What are the benefits of certification by MTQUA?
How to get certified.
Download the Guide to Medical Tourism Certification.

5 Steps To Receiving Medical Tourism Certification

Certification Guide



Please download and read the Guide To Medical Tourism Certification before completing the Medical Tourism Certification application form. The guide provides you with information about the review process, the fee schedule, and the timeline, along with frequently asked questions and more.

Download the Guide here.




You may apply for Medical Tourism Certification here. The brief application form asks about the medical tourism related services you provide, and how long you have been doing so.



Pay fees and schedule the review

When your application form is received, you will receive further details and a request for payment of the certification fee. After we receive your fee, we will schedule dates for the review process.

The complete schedule of fees is found in the Guide To Medical Tourism Certification.



Complete the evaluation

The evaluation team appraises your operations and processes through telephone interviews, document verification, examination of activities and procedures, and other practical indicators of the medical tourism related services you provide. Telephone interviews, verifications, reviews and/or training will be carried out in English. You may arrange translation.

The evaluation is a collaborative process. It is as much a review of operations and procedures as it is an opportunity for an information exchange, discovering your superior practices and areas for improvement, and learning from best practices of other organizations.

Our evaluating team reviews selected processes areas, as applicable, and may include the following areas:

  • Protocols And Outcomes For Medical Travelers
  • International Patient Management And Continuity Of Care
  • International Patient Marketing
  • Website
  • Attention To The Unique Needs Of The Medical Traveler
  • Patient Safety And Security
  • Transparency
  • Value For Services
  • Partnerships, Alliances And External Support

Certification Seal

Receive Medical Tourism Certification

Congratulations! The evaluation process is usually completed within two to three weeks after we receive your application. Once your facility or business has satisfactorily completed the evaluation, it is deemed to have met the international standard of excellence for care and services to international patients and medical tourists.

The silver and blue certification seal designating your facility or business as Medical Travel Certified will be issued and is granted for a period of not more than two years.

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What is medical tourism certification from MTQUA?
Download the Guide to Medical Tourism Certification.
What are the benefits of certification by MTQUA?